Bed Bombs

My brother once told me that you know you’re in love with a girl when you can fart in bed next to her and she barely reacts. After years of dating my girlfriend and hundreds of Dutch ovens, I still seem to be getting in trouble for dropping bombs in bed. Her patented “4-R’s” procedure of Running out of bed, seeking Refuge, Releasing, and Returning, seems a little over the top. It’s not my fault that girls don’t fart, but if they did, I think most men in my position would welcome the extra chance to warm up in bed. I also think that if an average girl sleeping alone did release her own brand in bed she’d be sniffing it up like a curious little crack-addict. I love my girlfriend, but this sort of hypocritical hogwash that is probably more innate to her gender than her individual personality needs to end. Besides, it’s not like her face is under the sheets and she requires scuba gear – she’s still inhaling mostly unscathed air. Am I really an ass for just wanting to let go sans drama?

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