Bitchy Waitress

I was out with a group of friends for a drink, and noticed how cheap the scotch was. I, being as cheap as I am, ordered a glass. When the bill came the scotch was double what was in the menu. I asked the waitress about this, and she told me that I was mistaken about the price in a condescending way, like I was trying to get a free scotch.  I asked for the menu back.  She brought one over and sure enough, it had the price that she charged me in it.  The menu looked completely different to me and I told her that it was not the menu she gave me and that I wanted to see the menu she had given me when I came in.  She huffed and looked at me like I was crazy and went over and looked at the other menu.  She disappeared and came back with a revised bill charging me exactly what I thought the scotch was supposed to cost.  When she dropped off the bill, she gave me a lecture about how that was the lunch menu I was looking at and that I should have known … even though she was the one who gave me the menu.  No apology, nothing but a rude lecture.

I was so pissed off, I made sure no one at the table left her a tip.  It was a big party, but she deserved it.  Such a bitch.  Such an Ass!

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