Buzz Kill

I live in an area that is being gentrified, so there is are a lot of sketchy looking people walking around.  There is also quite a bit of theft, with my complex being broken into many times. So, we have been asked to keep our eyes open for people who are hanging around the complex.  So, I guess I am a little on guard.

So, the other day I was coming home, in a bit of a feisty mood, and saw 2 dodgy looking guys sitting in the alley near my place, enjoying a joint.  They were smoking up and watching some construction across the street.  Well, as I mentioned, I was feeling feisty, and went up to the sketchy guys and told them that  smoking pot right next to the complex was not appropriate.  There are a lot of young families living there, and they don’t need stoners as their neighbours.

One guy quickly got up, apologized, and got on his bike.  The other guy started yelling at me.  I yelled back, and the guy on the bike had to pacify his friend and get him out of the neighbourhood.

After the run-in, I kind of felt like the ass.  They were just hanging out in the sun, enjoying a smoke.  However, with all the crime around the neighbourhood, I felt I needed to be a little vigilant.  I am an ass and a buzz kill, or was I just protecting the hood?

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