Canadian Blood Services – Its in you to give – Unless you’re gay!

Canadian Blood Services, a very important organization that is meant to save lives has an overstock of blood and they don’t need anymore!! Well not exactly, but that’s what they are saying with their old and ignorant policy that prohibits homosexuals from donating blood.

Did you know this? If you are gay, their 70′s policy prohibiting donations is still in existence!! This is an organization with the name ‘Canadian’ in the title and it friggin blows my mind and is wrong on so many levels!

For one, it’s based on old stats.. disease is not spread because you are gay, it’s from unsafe sex..
If you want stats, AIDS and HIV are still number one in Africa, and if most people in Africa are black, would people accept it if Canada said “No blacks can donate blood”? I think not!
AND…. don’t they test this shit!?! If i’m getting blood it would be nice to know that this is being tested before you give it to me! Kinda scary to think they lack so much confidence in their testing that they can’t lift this ban.
One might argue that it would be costly to disprove the old statistic, but what’s the price for equality?

Way to go Canada, homophobia supported by the government; I thought we were much better than that! I’m so disgusted.

What’s next, gay’s can’t volunteer to walk dogs at the SPCA because, well you know what that will lead to! Effin ridiculous!

Canadian Blood Services (CBS) is the ass or homosexuals are the ass?

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