Lost in Translation

As a salesman, I have had the opportunity to sell many different items ,and probably the most difficult were these moccasins.  I was finally, after months, given a lead to sell them at a store in Whistler.  I had an appointment with the buyer, and phoned  to get directions.  The person who answered the phone did not have a proper command of the English language and told me that the buyer had gone to, “Banff.”  I responded in my usual loud voice, “I have an appointment with this person!  How could they have gone to Banff?”  The person still repeated, “She has gone to Banff.”  After this back and forth, I realized that what this person was saying was that she had gone to the bank.  Then this person said, “She no buy from you.”  I was furious now.  I found my way to the store, and asked for the buyer.  The person at the desk said, “She go for coffee, you wait here, but she no buy from you.”  I was so confused – what had happened.  It was then that I realized that I  had offended the person on the phone because I had raised my voice.  He thought I was yelling at him.  I was not yelling – I just happen to have a loud voice.  Who’s the ass here?

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