Me vs. The Airline

I had to travel on Air Canada to get to my grandmother’s funeral.  Once everyone was on the plane, they told us that we would be delayed – that there was something wrong.  So, we are all sitting on the plane at the gate, and they are making people pay for headphones.  How is that fair – we are stuck on the plane with nothing to do.  They also want to charge for snacks.  I feel like if they are going to make us wait, then they should start comping things.  An hour later, we were finally in the air.

If that was the end of it, I would have been fine, but of course, when we landed I had to wait for my luggage. After waiting for over 20 minutes, I figured my bag was never coming.  I went to talk to the customer service person, and he told me that they never scanned my bag when they checked it in, and that once they realized that it hadn’t been scanned, it was too late to put my bag on the plane. I told him that we were stuck at the gate for an hour before we left.  How could there not have been enough time to load my bag?  He said that no one realized the plane was at the gate for so long, so my bag was coming the next day.  Well, I lost it.  I started crying and getting mad.  My sister had to explain to the guy that I had just lost my grandmother.  Fine, I may have overreacted… But, c’mon.  How does Air Canada just forget to scan a bag and even worse, how do they not know when one of their planes is sitting at the gate FOR AN HOUR!!!!

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