Murder for Manslaughter (sensitive topic)

Now I am not trying to be insensitive to what happened here, but there is still an argument that comes out of this situation.. Let me be clear, someone died here and it was tragic, this is not an attempt at taking anything away from that; my condolences to his family.

But here’s the question…

Is a police officer’s life worth more than a regular citizens?

A police officer in Ontario was killed in a high speed chase involving a 15 year old boy but because it was a police officer killed (and not a regular citizen) they will charge him with 1st degree murder rather than manslaughter even though a regular citizen like you or I in the same situation would be charged with dangerous driving causing death and manslaughter.–boy-15-charged-with-first-degree-murder-in-death-of-police-officer

I realize it’s a horrible situation, but why would the law change because it’s a police officer; didn’t they choose their career? Why does the law change? People working in the fisheries and logging industry in Canada risk their lives more than anyone, would the law change for them? What about my daughter? If this peice of crap killed my daughter, shouldn’t that be 1st degree murder then? What if she had planned on becoming a police officer?

This is an arugment about law changing based on vocation..
Is the system the ass or am I the ass for suggesting we are all equal regardless of chosen employment?      

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