Offensive Comedy – Stanhope – Morgan – Silverman and more!

Seems like comedians are getting in trouble for what they say a lot these days. Tracy Morgan on gays.. Doug Stanhope on Sarah Palin’s son… Sarah Silverman on everything… and there are many others.

Is there a line when it comes to comedy? I don’t think there is… as long as it’s a joke that is an attempt at being funny or opening your eyes to ignorance in an ironic fashion, I say no line! I hate lines. I also hate (enter nationality here to be ironic). If it’s just an odd racist reaction by someone that isn’t a comic and doesn’t know how to react to a bad situation (er hem Michael Richards) then that’s different, otherwise bring it on.

Who is the ass? The world of comedy or the bored and even more boring politically correct a-holes?

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It has been rated as ANGEL.
iRobertO   thinks that "PC judges r the ass" What do you think?

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