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  • US Border vs.Nexus Holders

    Posted on by talktoomuch

    I applied and paid for Nexus, a card that allows me to cross the US/Canada border in an expedited line.  It also allows the same privileges going through customs when flying. To get Nexus, you must pay and go through screening,including an in pe... Read more.

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  • Buzz Kill

    Posted on by cranky8

    I live in an area that is being gentrified, so there is are a lot of sketchy looking people walking around.  There is also quite a bit of theft, with my complex being broken into many times. So, we have been asked to keep our eyes open for people wh... Read more.

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  • Putting the end in friend

    Posted on by

    I work at a large downtown company and have just been let go. Tomorrow is my last day. My best friend (lets call him “Lang”) also works at this company a few offices down the hall. He just received an email from one of the bosses telling him what... Read more.

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  • English Rioters or English Protesters

    Posted on by ChiefAss

    The English are once again up in arms. This time there are many attributions for the cause. It could be the police shooting of an unarmed man, it could be the massive cuts to social welfare services, or it could be the widening divide between rich an... Read more.

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  • Netflix — Pissing off their best customers ?

    Posted on by ChiefAss

    Netflix raised their prices by 60% in the Unitied States for customers who subscribe to both the Online version and the Mail version of Netflix. Customers are outraged, blogs are up in arms, and Netflix is hoping the bad press just goes away. ... Read more.

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  • America’s Got Talent – Howie or Piers

    Posted on by ChiefAss

    Every week Howie Mandel and Piers Morgan spend most of the show fighting with each other. Both have made their share of ridiculous decisions, but its time to decide once and for all, Who's the Ass:  Howie or Piers.   Check out this video.... Read more.

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  • Who’s Hungry?

    Posted on by Curious Georgie

    I always cook my boyfriend gourmet meals, and I think that in return he should perform oral sex.  He disagrees.  What do you think? Can you trade meals for oral sex?... Read more.

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  • Inconsiderate Bed Buddy

    Posted on by cranky8

    I am a really good sleeper, and sometimes I think my husband takes it for granted. He has been on the phone with the lights on, and I have had no troubles falling asleep.  He also every night watches tv, and I rarely complain - I just fall asleep. ... Read more.

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  • HST or GST/PST

    Posted on by RandomChristal

    People want an extension on the HST vote according to this @News1130Radio story...   We had forever.. what do we need an extension for?! Anyone that... Read more.

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  • Ford vs. Atwood

    Posted on by cranky8 Read more.

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