Pork Screw

My father-in-law and I have never seen eye to eye, but we’ve managed, so far, to avoid any conflict.  For the purposes of this story, i should also mention that my STEP-father and i have never got along either. Is it them? is it me? probably a little of both.  One evening while at the IN-laws house for dinner, he’s preparing pork loin, sweet potato fries and coleslaw. He had never made sweet potato fries before but his wife had suggested them after having tasted mine. Before putting the fries in the oven, SHE asks me how long to cook them for? I say, “about 15mins, or they go soggy.” HE Proceeds to say how that is ridiculous, and that he’s putting them in for 45mins. Fine. I’m not looking for trouble tonight. 45 minutes later, when everything is ready, he portions the mushy fries onto my plate along with 4 far-from-cooked slices of pork loin. I have never eaten rare pork.  I quietly point to the two rarest pieces of meat on my plate and say to him that, “i don’t really want the ‘raw bits’.” He then grabs the pieces off my plate with with hands and throws them back onto the cutting board and yells, “Well then SCREW IT! It’s PORK it’s not RAW, it’s pork!”

Sigh. what to do now. should i keep quiet after being served a ‘lovely’ meal at the in-laws? I think not, it’s just not me to get inappropriately yelled at, and then say nothing.

I calmly turn to his wife and say, “you know, you and MY mom have a lot in common. you both have three kids, you’re both very attractive women in your sixties, and you’re both married to assholes.”

The ‘rare’ piece of questionable meat ended up on my husbands plate, uneaten, after he conveniently filled up on the rest of the food. Sometimes i envy his tact. Actually, ALL the time.

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