Telus or me?

We had two cell phones with Telus in our house, they were horrible, hardly any reception at all. Not only that, there is a two block radius around my house with crap reception. I phoned them up and complained that I wanted it fixed but was told, “we do not guarantee service”. They said I should pay close to $200 to have something installed on my house to correct the problem. I thought two things; one, you pay for it! And two, that doesn’t help me when I’m at the park! I told them I wanted out but they were gonna charge me a ton to cancel the two contracts.
Long story short, after months of being avoided by their ‘supervisors that will call you back’ (ya right), I got out of my contracts for free. Oh, in defense of the supervisors not calling, they couldn’t get through to me if I was at home!! I then switched all my dealings with them to other companies because of the poor service throughout the whole ordeal.
Back to the point, am I an ass for thinking that I should at least be able to send and receive phone calls? Or get texts within an hour of someone sending them? Am I an ass because I thought that they might ignore a part of their fine print because the most basic function wouldn’t work?
Who’s the ass?

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