The Hasselhoff Manoeuvre

A buddy told me this story.

This was a stag in Vegas.  My buddy John was good friends with the groom, but only knew the other 8 guys through the groom.  They get to Vegas, book into Planet Hollywood and get started with the pre-party boozing.  All is good times so far.

That night, they head down to the clubs.  One of the guys in the stag has a connection and puts the group of 10 onto the “VIP” line under his name.  When they get to the club, they still sit in line for about 20mins.  When they get near to the front of the line, John notices a huge guy weaving towards him…David Hasselhoff.

John yells out that he wants to see the Baywatch run…the Hoff laughs, flicks his hair and and mock runs over to John.  The Hoff is definitely feeling good….not youtube drunk, but fun drunk where he knows that people love/hate the Hoff and he’s rolling with it.  He starts joking with John about celeb life, telling Knight Rider and Baywatch stories.  After about 10 mins, the stag gets the tap from the bouncer to go ahead in. 

Unfortunately, John doesn’t notice that the stag is moving in.  He’s killing himself laughing from one of the Hoff’s stories and he is turned around facing the person behind in line, who’s also laughing.  When John turns around, he sees the back of Hoff walking into the club with the stag.  At first, John thinks Hoff’s joining the stag and this is going to be a great night…but when he tries to follow, the Bouncer stops him.

The stag was for 10 people and 10 people went in.  Worse, it wasn’t John’s name on the VIP list, so John gets booted to the back of the regular line to wait for two hours!

Who’s the ass?  Hasselhoff for cutting in line and stealing John’s spot, or John for getting suckered by a semi-gooned Kit!

Though the Bouncer’s not an option here…who can’t recognize David Hasselhof!

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