The Last Straw for the Bay

My boyfriend and I decided to buy a new bed at the Bay – Baaaaad idea. 

When we were discussing delivery, we expressly told them that the king mattress would not fit up our stairs, and it would have to be pulled up three stories over the edge of our balcony.  The salesperson said, noooo problem and typed it into the computer with our order.  The Bay then called us a few days later to change our delivery date – okay.  Then, they called to say that they did not have the mattress in stock, so we would need to come back to the store to choose a new one – annoying, bu fine.  Then we got another call saying that they actually did have the bed, and it would be delivered the following day.  The next day they called to say it would actually come in two days.  Finally, the delivery people showed up a few days later.  They put their little booties on, walked up to our house to see where the bed would go, and told us that they could not do it – it was too dangerous to pull it up the side of the building andthey wouldn’t do it.  Well, my boyfriend and I were pissed.  I called the Bay hotline – which happens to be in India – and my boyfriend called the actual store.  They could not do anything for us, except say that they could leave the mattress on the second floor – we needed it on the third floor – and we could then bring it up to our bedroom on our own.  We told them to take the bed back.  A week later we bought the same bed from Simmons and they delivered – with no problems. It took them all of 5 minutes to throw a rope down from the balcony and haul it up.

I can’t stand the Bay.

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