Tweets get woman kicked out of a restaurant

A woman was with her friends at a restaurant in Texas called the Down House.  While she was there she tweeted about the bartender, calling him a twerp and #jerkoff. Why did she do it?  She overheard the bartender and a few other employees making fun of another customer.  She didn’t like, didn’t think it was appropriate and sent her tweet.  The GM of the restaurant, who apparently wasn’t even at the restaurant that night, actually phoned the bartender and made him pass the woman the phone.  Some how he had read her tweet and called to give her a piece of his mind and kick her out of the restaurant … over the phone … because of a tweet.  If she said this to the bartender’s face, it likely wouldn’t have gotten her kicked out, so why would tweeting it have a different result.

Should she have tweeted?  Was the GM right to kick her out?

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