Weekend snot rockets

So I ride my bike along the same road every day for my commute which is fairly mellow. Sometimes I go to the office on the weekend and there are suddenly a bunch of pinheads who drive suvs all week riding 10 million dollar carbon fibre bikes with insane spandex along the same road. All fantasizing that they are Lance Armstrong. One guy, who looked like he had just swallowed about ten jars of whey powder and dead lifted a taxi was riding in front of me and kept shooting massive oysters out of one nostril while depressing the other with his finger. Every time he did this he would look back as if to do some quick mental physics as to whether his expectorated mucous would hit me in the face. Each time he clearly decided it would not or he could at least afford the risk. I finally caught up to him at the light and I said: hey f**k face, if you can afford that bike you can afford a box of f*cki*ng kleenex.

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